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Comment configurer une carte HP JetDirect dans une imprimante HP Designjet 100, 110, 120 ou 130 (28.04.10)

HP Designjet 100, 110, 120 and 130 Series Printers - Printing Information Pages From the Front Control Panel

This document explains the front control panel key sequences that are necessary to print reports from the front panel. The following options are available by press the correct combination of Cancel button, Power button and the OK button.
1 - Cancel button
2 - Power button
3 - Ok button
The table below contains the combinations need for each report.
While pressing the Power button, press the Cancel button and/or OK button to obtain the following reports.
Cancel Button OK Button Report Printed
0 1 Usage Report
0 4 Information Pages
1 2 NVM Contents Page
0 3 Printhead Alignment
0 5 Enable/Disable Buzzer
2 0 Printhead Recovery 1 (Soft)
2 1 Printhead Recovery 2 (Medium)
2 2 Printhead Recovery 3 (Hard)
2 3 Transport Position
3 1 Network Card Reset
These are for the HP Designjet 120NR only. Without pressing the power button, press both buttons at the same time:
1 1 Change between Roll media and sheet media
0 1 Form feed and cut
Example: Printing the information pages
  1. On the printer's front panel, press and hold the Power switch.
  2. While still pressing the Power switch, press the OK button four times.
  3. Release the Power switch. The information pages will print.
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